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2023 Hall of Honor Inductee Production Day

Chanelle Smith-Walker lead the creative direction for Hall of Honor. The Hall of Honor was established to recognize former players, coaches, and front office personnel who played an integral role in the success of the franchise. Julius Peppers and Muhsin Muhammad were the two inducted into this years class.


Smith-Walker worked along side Elisabeth Rose, a local set designer, to execute this concept. The purpose of the set was to make it look like a grandparents living room which paid homage to the generation of Muhammad and Peppers. Since the set was made out of wood, it will be able to repurposed for the following years inductees to keep the look and feel consistent, but not exactly the same.

In collaboration with our team historians, Heather Arledge and David Monroe, we were able to customize each players set with memorabilia from the years they played with the Panthers.


Smith-Walker photographed and edited the photos. They were used on Panthers social media platforms and the induction ceremony. 

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