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2024 Carolina Panthers Production Day

Production days are crucial for any professional team because they generate the assets used for marketing campaigns, social media content, digital ads, and more. These days establish and reinforce the team's brand. Last year, our brand focused on the "layer/cave" theme, and we're continuing this theme throughout this season. Our video department is primarily focused on realistic caves and rocks, but I wanted to emphasize the texture of caves while also paying homage to the rebuilding phase of our program. This inspired the idea of a construction zone, combined with overhead lighting to simulate a cave skylight.

To bring this vision to life, I collaborated with a set design company. To create a realistic concrete look, we used pink foam and plaster for the walls, which were then painted. The floor was made from ceiling tiles and a plaster and paint mixture, which was then distressed with a tint and water mix.

I aimed to shoot everything at eye-level or lower to give the players a heroic and dominant presence. Additionally, I focused on capturing tight shots of the players' faces to highlight the texture of their skin and the sweat, emphasizing the hard work they put in both on and off the field.

Here are some key points:

  1. Dimensions: The height of the set will be 8ft high, the back wall will be 14 ft wide and the side walls with be 8ft wide  which is a significant horizontal expansion from previous years. This wider aspect will provide more versatility for various media formats, such as videoboard content, web banners, and advertisements.

  2. Materials and Texture:

    • Walls and Ground: The set will feature distressed, exposed, and splotchy concrete. This will help in mimicking the rough, uneven surfaces typically found in natural caves.

    • Atmospheric Elements: Use of atmospheric spray and debris will enhance the cave-like feel, adding to the realism by simulating the damp, dusty, and rugged environment.

  3. Lighting:

    • Octabox Lights: One octabox lights will be suspended over the set. Octabox lights are known for providing soft, even lighting, which will be essential for illuminating the set while maintaining the cave's moody and mysterious ambiance.

  4. Atmosphere Creation:

    • Spray and Debris: Atmospheric spray can be used to create a misty or foggy effect, which will add depth and a sense of humidity. Scattering debris can mimic the natural clutter found in caves.

Additional Considerations:

  • Editng: Stick to earth tones and grays to keep the natural and rugged look.

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